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Molten front dailies
16/07/2011 12:08 by BlackBlue

Hi, I found this thorough guide on most of things you could do in 4.2 dailies


Raiding schedules and infos
20/03/2011 14:02 by BlackBlue
For those interested I have summarized basic raid info about schedules, plans, requirements... check it at this forums


Mumble How To
18/03/2011 18:29 by BlackBlue
For those who yet don't have mumble working Naturna prepared really nice step by step guide (lot of thanks) Check it in our forums Mumble How To


Mighty tool
09/03/2011 10:57 by Tamaries
When in guild runs, this can be a great tool Battle Standard of Coordination

If everyone (or, say, at least two people) has one in your group you can put them down just before you kill a boss to give you an experience and/or reputation boost. Very useful when we need to cap the guild, too!

You can also use the lower versions of this one, Standard of Unity (pictured), Banner of Cooperation. They give you less, though.

Consult your Guild Herald or Guild Page or visit the nearest guild vendor!

Note: These items are bound to guild reputation - Friendly.


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18/06/2010 00:44

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